Who’s the spring 2022 headliner for the Monster Energy Up & Up Festival?
Early December announcement (We can’t wait either). There will be several exciting headliners (one headliner per winning school).
What makes the Up & Up Festival unique?
We’ll run a 48-hour pre-sale ticket competition to determine where we bring our exciting headliner for our Spring 2022 College Tour. Our guerilla ticketing strategy challenges the outdated way concerts are booked and sold. This empowers students to bring top emerging artist to perform on their campus, meaning it’s up to you to make it happen! No middle buyers and no boomer-poop politics.
Who’s suited to lead our school to victory?
Anyone with the enough guts and passion to spark a movement! In the past, the most successful campus tycoons have been social chairs of their sororities or fraternities, influencers, athletes, DJs, promoters, or just someone who loves a challenge. You will be rallying your student body to purchase tickets to an unknown date or location, and you’ll have 48-hours to do it
When is the spring pre-sale competition?
How do we compete?
The national competition starts Feb 15th @ 4 P.M. EST. The Top 7 schools with the most pre-sale tickets within 48 hours win. Scores are updated throughout. There’s so much fun and anxiety.
How do ticket and credit card transactions work? Especially if my school doesn’t win.
Great question. We only charge the credit cards for the pre-sale IF your school wins. We’ve been doing this for five years and never incorrectly charged anyone.
How much are pre-sale tickets?
They’ll be in the $30 range with no taxes or fees. First 100 tickets will be free with a special code.
How can my team prepare for the 48-hour competition period?
Before the competition begins, think about creative ways to get people talking about this across campus and socials. Gathering a 4-10 person squad who’s connected to Greek Life, music venues, designers, promoters, DJ’s, content creators and influencers is the perfect place to start. Starting your promotional plan during Dec-Jan is ideal.
Where will my school’s college festival happen if we win?
We’ll work behind the scenes with with every competing college to determine the best venue location in advance.
When will my school’s college festival happen if we win?
Anywhere from early April until mid-May. Chill though, we’ll make sure you won’t be missing spring formals or final exams for this show.
Being that there’s several headliners, how will you determine which school gets which artist?
It will be in order of where the schools ranked. Schools will pick, similar to the NFL/NBA draft.
Who is organizing my college’s Up & Up festival show?
The Up & Up Festival works closely with campus ambassadors, artist managers/booking agents, venue owners, production/security companies to craft an incredible experience.
What’s in it for me to be an Up & Up Festival ambassador?
If your school wins, your hard work as an ambassador has earned you 20 meet & greet tickets, backstage passes, curating opening acts, cash bonuses and you’ll have the opportunity to introduce the artist on stage. Most of our previous college ambassadors have said it was the “highlight of their college career.” The perks don’t stop there, because you’ll also gain valuable experience as your campus’s creative director.
Is there an entry fee for me to compete in the pre-sale competition?
Can any college apply to compete?
Any college or university campus within the United States is eligible to win (some restrictions may apply due to artist radius clauses)
Who covers the artist fee and terms?
The Up & Up Festival covers artist & production costs. Because we’re not middlemen upselling, the cost of your ticket will go toward securing an artist, venue, and awesome concert flare.
Can I still compete if I’m a member of my college’s activity board/concert committee?
Yes! If you believe that more music events around your college help enhance your student body’s college experience, outside of welcome week or homecoming, connect with us. You help us help rally your student body during the 48-hour competition period, and we’ll work together to produce a fantastic show!
What are the rules to win this college festival at my school?
The top 7 colleges that pre-order the most tickets within 48-hours will win this premium experience. Do what you gotta do to make it happen! 

Credit cards won’t get charged until the winning colleges are determined, so authorizations placed on credit cards for the non-winning schools are immediately released.
Can we bring the Up & Up College Festival directly to our campus?
Yes. We come fully capitalized, insured and experienced with outstanding references to bring a safe and premium experience anywhere we go.
Is there a limit to how many tickets that an individual can pre-order?
30 tickets on the same order.
What is the refund policy?
We understand exams, work, family and life in general can get in the way of attending the show. We issue refunds on a generous case-by-case basis.
How many tickets will my school need to pre-order to win?
In the past, the most competitive schools pre-order 800 tickets or more. The leaderboard is frequently updated during the 48-hour competition.
Will the first 100 tickets still be free?
Yes, only one ticket per person until the tickets are gone..
Will tickets be available to purchase after the competition if my school wins?
Yes, if the event isn’t sold out during pre-sale. Tickets purchased after the pre- sale period will be subject to higher ticket prices, taxes, and/or facility fees.
Which schools have won this before?
University of Alabama, Boulder, Bryant, Dayton, Iowa, JMU, Lehigh, Miami-Ohio, University of Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, San Jose State, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UNCW, University of Virginia, UT Austin, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest & Washington State University. Videos can be found on YouTube or Instagram.
Will there be meet & greets with the artist?
Yes meet & greets will go to the winning team
I’m a DJ on campus. How can I be involved?
DJs hit us up right away at info@upandupfestival.com We, along with the student producers & headliner will decide on the best openers for each show.
My fraternity often hosts concerts. How can I tie it in with the Up & Up Festival?
Easy. Rally your interfraternity council, Panhellenic and the rest of your student body to pre- order the most tickets during the competition period, and the college can be yours to host. It can even be in your backyard.
I saw a mention of industry jobs in a video. Please enlighten me!?
Campus rep positions from the festival’s label partners and year-round, remote-friendly internship opportunities are available. Show us you’re a hustler, and you might catch our eye.
I’m a student and a content creator. How can I get involved?
Hit us up ASAP. We reward all creators with high-end Monster Energy prizes, which have included drones, boomboxes, backpacks and video games. All teams will be sent a Student Kit which has logos, raw files, examples and best practices.
Who is the team behind the Up & Up Festival?
It’s produced by Idol Roc who are the creators of the perennial Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The Outbreak Tour is the largest national touring brand in the club & theater space, which consists of five annual music tours (Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Country, College) and one annual comedy tour. 

The Idol Roc team has produced the breakout tours for many of your favorite artists, such as: 21 Savage, Post Malone, Logic, Fetty Wap, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown, Chainsmokers, 3Lau, Cash Cash, Smokepurrp, Subtronics, Lil Xan and so many more.
Can I receive college credit to competing for the Up & Up Festival this summer?
You can receive credit if there’s strong effort put in during the pre-launch period and the competition. Marketing, Event Management & PR majors are encouraged to apply.
What’s the CIA | College Influencer Agency?
We formed a new entity connecting students and brands through meaningful experiences. We’re always offering paid opportunities. Visit www.collegeinfluenceragency.com
Where may I ask additional questions?
info@upandupfestival.com or DM us on socials

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